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Artist Statement


Artist Statement

My name is Steve Brouse. I have been an artist for nearly 20 years. However, in the past eight years I have remained focused strictly on my art and have been passionate about producing more visible public art.

My education introduced me to many techniques and methods, which are incorporated into my daily work. Discipline helped me to refine my talents and enhanced my ability to seriously concentrate on completing a clean and precise means to illustrate on a piece of work. There were and still are professors who were role models and key players in my continued journey into the arts. They validated and recognized the potential of my talents.

My childhood days were spent growing up in a small town in the mountains of Pennsylvania. I later relocated as a high school graduate to a beautiful homestead in Geneva, New York among the Finger Lakes. Here I learned to realize that art was within my heart. My mother was an artist who lived a very creative life. There was great camaraderie between us, and she inspired me.

I later moved to Buffalo to pursue an education that I was uncertain of. I enrolled in Art Education at S.U.N.Y. College at Buffalo, New York. It was here that I was exposed to art and the experience of educating. I came to understand that what I really wanted was to live and breathe the life of an "Artist". I recognized early on that in the pursuit of this ideal, adversity would be encountered. However the rewards have far out weighed the hard times. Since I have been a Buffalo resident, I have found the City's environment to be friendly and most hospitable. Opportunities have begun to arise for artists in the Western New York Region. I find myself becoming more involved in the many charities and fund-raisers that were surfacing continually in the area.

The medium I found myself working with the most was paint. I started using oils then moved to acrylics. Originally, I was more precise and illustrative, now my work takes on fewer boundaries. I still find myself working the positive and negative spaces with what I enjoy the most, the technical pen. Later this evolved and led into my broad use and expression of color. I have been told my work revolves around the surreal. I think of places and transpose them into content spaces. Chris Jamele, freelance writer for the Alternative Press (see enclosure) has written of how he sees my work, "animated moons blow a playful, friendly wind, oversized gleeful fish leap from a tranquil sea and various reptilian creatures smile unmenacingly". My themes come from within my imagination. My subjects are inviting and humorous.

There have always been artists that I admire and time periods that have intrigued me. The tribal designs of the Aztecs and the hieroglyphic symbols of the Egyptians have inspired me with energetic expression. Hence, the artist I've become to appreciate is a Pop Artist of the 80's, Keith Haring. I am flattered that my work has been compared to and identified with his. Haring's work has preoccupied my mind, and leads me to effective inventiveness. In addition, other artists and periods have influenced me such as the Cubists, Picasso and Leger, the Expressionists like Van Gogh and Gauguin, and Pop Art's Lichenstein.

Currently I am a CADRE artist for The Center Of Creative Education in West Palm Beach, FL teaching after-school art programs throughout Palm Beach county. It is an exciting job which takes me to a new facet of art. I am proud and honored for this and see it as an opportunity for experiences that I have yet to acquire.

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